Margaret Paul

March's Featured Artist: Margaret Paul

Margaret Paul is Edgewater Gallery's Featured Artist for August.  She brings creativity, style and history together in her collection of rings and pendants. With a 27 year teaching career and holding a B.A. degree as well as Graduate studies in Arts and Sciences, she travels extensively to find rare sterling flatware for her stunning creations, many with an historic lineage.

Before any piece is crafted, Margaret studies the material, deciding which piece would most credit her vision of the jewelry. Evolving from "raw material" to finished jewelry demands a meticulous series of processes before ever being considered ready for a client.

Margaret creates custom rings out of customer provided sterling flatware.

For more information, visit Margaret's website at:


JOIN US IN CELEBRATING MARGARET'S FIRST FRIDAY EVENT March 2nd from 5-8pm.  Margaret will be giving a brief presentation about her spoon/fork jewelry and Q&A at 6pm.  There will be wine and cheese for our guests to enjoy and equally delicious art!