Edgewater Welcomes!  

Artist: Kristen Gilmore Hall (aka "Gilly")

Artist Kristen Gilmore, better known as Gilly, is one of our guests this month.  Gilly is a local artist in Fort Bragg and says she has been creating art ever since she discovered her hands and brain.  No doubt, her immense creativity was enhanced by her mother, who is also an accomplished artist.  Gilly says, "I am a creative, free-feeling artist, meaning I paint with emotion and produce pieces that I know will connect to someone (an art lover)."

Gilly works with many mediums:  paints (oil, acrylic, watercolor), yarns, metal stones, and glass.  Gilly's collection of hoops are a must see!   The organic simplicity of the materials and hoop are one-of-a-kind designs, each with their own emotion and energy.  

JOIN US for 1st Friday to meet Gilly and see her lovely works of art:  Edgewater Gallery, 356 North Main Street, Fort Bragg, from 5-8pm.  Our gallery is open daily from 10am to 5pm (5:30 on Friday and Saturday).